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N&N - April 24, 2008
African Development Bank Representative, Ginette Nzau-Muteta, Speaks on the Significance of its Pledge to the MDRP
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N&N - April 8, 2008
A Day-long Exchange of Experiences and Lessons Learned Among Implementing Partners in Burundi
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Press Release - Republic of Congo, Brazzaville - March 22, 2008
Delegates from around the Republic of Congo to discuss conflict prevention and resolution issue
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N&N - March 7, 2008
The Angolan Reintegration Strategy: an interview with General Antonio Francisco de Andrade, Director General, IRSEM, Angola
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N&N - January 28, 2008
Association of Demobilized Women Ex-combatants Improves Community Reintegration
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N&N - January 10, 2008
Rwandan Ex-combatants Succeed in Bakery Project
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N&N - December 18, 2007
MDRP Partners and Stakeholders discuss the future of DDR in Central Africa
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N&N - December 4, 2007
MDRP launches Learning for Equality, Access and Peace Program
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N&N - November 8, 2007
World Bank and the Wilson Center Events Feature MDRP-Commissioned Report on Combatants on Foreign Soil
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N&N - October 14, 2007
MDRP publishes Working Paper on youth and DDR in Burundi
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N&N - October 4, 2007
World Bank Vice-President for Africa, Obiageli Ezekwesili Visits the Angolan Demobilization and Reintegration Program
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N&N - September 13, 2007
Elisabeth Schauer, Director of Vivo, Speaks About Psycho-Social Support for Ex-Combatants
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N&N - August 20, 2007
Pool Department Seat of Kinkala to Host a Seminar on the Culture of Peace
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N&N - July 2007
Status of the MDRP in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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N&N - July 17, 2007
Interview with John Zigira: Commissioner of the Rwandan Demobilization and Reintegration Commission
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N&N - June 8, 2007
Diverse Panel at the USIP Reflects on Children Associated with Armed Forces
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N&N - May 26, 2007
I chose a profession!
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May 22, 2007
Staff Film Series Focuses on Peace Building
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May, 2007
Status of the MDRP in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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N&N - April 28, 2007
Finland Joins the Multi-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program
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N&N - March 12, 2007
President Wolfowitz meets with Ex-combatants in Burundi and DRC
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March, 2007
Status of the MDRP in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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N&N - February 19, 2007
Successes and Lessons Learned: The Ex-Combatant Reintegration and Community Support Project in the Central African Republic Draws to a Close
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N&N - February 2, 2007
A Rwandan Woman Ex-Combatant Succeeds in Her Business
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N&N - January 21, 2007
MDRP hosts event about youth and DDR in Burundi
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N&N - January 3, 2007
Making a New Civilian Life: Interview with a Demobilized Combatant in the Central African Republic
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N&N - December 15, 2006
MDRP launches its film Buying time for Peace
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N&N - December 5, 2006
Disabled Ex-Combatants in Angola receive Specialized Assistance
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N&N - November 26, 2006
MDRP and Stakeholders Discuss Status and Future of DDR in Central Africa
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N&N - November 13, 2006
CAR: MDRP Launches Regional Study on SSR-DDR Links
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N&N - October 29, 2006
Child soldiers in the DRC: an interview with Sarah Michael, MDRP Social Development Specialist
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N&N - October 18, 2006
MDRP Open Letter to Amnesty International
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N&N - September 12, 2006
Interview with Rory Keane, European Commission MDRP Focal Point
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N&N - August 30, 2006
MDRP and the United Nations OSAA organize a videoconference to discuss the upcoming UN Conference on DDR and Stability in Africa
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N&N - August 22, 2006
Congo-Brazzaville : A Sensitization Campaign Brings Together Parliamentarians and Local Communities
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N&N - August 10, 2006
Interview with Dingamadji Madjior Solness: MDRP Senior DDR Specialist in Burundi
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N&N - July 20, 2006
MDRP Countries Visit Angola to Learn about Reintegration Support and Exchange National Experiences
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N&N - June 29, 2006
Rwandan Milk Association: Ex-combatants, Civilians Working Together for Success
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N&N - June 12, 2006
MDRP engages in outreach in Uganda, the UK, France and Belgium
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N&N - May 18, 2006
Uganda’s Amnesty Commission in Final Phase of Issuing Resettlement Packages to Ex-Combatants
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May 17, 2006
Bank Is Partner in Plan to Resettle Africa Great Lakes Soldiers
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May 17, 2006
Saving the Smallest Soldiers
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N&N - May 8, 2006
MDRP and Interaction’s DRC Working Group Meet, Discuss Operational Experiences and Challenges in the DRC
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N&N - April 20, 2006
Angola Signs Accord to Assist Disabled Ex-Combatants
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N&N - April 4, 2006
Republic of Congo Workshop Brings Partners of Future National D&R; Program Together for the First Time
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N&N - March 20, 2006
Spotlight on Gromo Alex, MDRP Senior Demobilization and Reintegration Specialist
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N&N - March 3, 2006
DRC’s CONADER: Progress and Constraints in Demobilization and Reintegration
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N&N - February 24, 2006
Q&A with Demba Kissima Tandia
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N&N - February 14, 2006
Parliamentarians from Five Continents Visit Muhazi Child Ex-Combatant Rehabilitation Center
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N&N - February 7, 2006
A New Beginning for Burundi’s Emergency Demobilization, Reinsertion and Reintegration Project in 2006
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N&N - January 31, 2006
MDRP Meets With Partner UN Agencies and Colleague NGOs in New York City
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N&N - January 24, 2006
13.1 Million Euro Grant to Support Angola Demobilization and Reintegration Project
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N&N - January 17, 2006
MDRP Welcomes Announcement of New UN Peacebuilding Commission
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N&N - January 14, 2006
MDRP Advisory and Trust Fund Committee meetings in London
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January 10, 2006
EU & World Bank € 13.1 million support (in Portuguese)
January 3, 2006
MDRP in DRC's World Bank Magazine (in French)
December, 2005
From Combatant to Civilian
November, 2005
MDRP in Rwanda's New Times: "WB, UNIFEM target female ex-soldiers"