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Linkages between DDR of Ex-Combatants and Security Sector Reform English 51.3 KB; Français 60.4 KB

Targeting MDRP Assistance: Ex-Combatants and Other War-Affected Populations English 50.4 KB; Français 64.5 KB

Joint Supervision Mission Reports

Joint Supervision Mission 2004 English 360 KB; Français 1871KB
Joint Supervision Mission 2003 English 353 KB; Français 25 KB
Joint Supervision Mission 2002 English 284 KB

Other Documents

Greater Great Lakes Regional Strategy for Demobilization and Reintegration (MDRP/The World Bank) 516 KB

National Program Guidelines (MDRP) 31.4 KB

Special Project Guidelines (MDRP) 296 KB

MDRP Mid-Term Review (MDRP) 541 KB

Proceedings of the MDRP Advisory and Trust Fund Committee Meeting, Paris, France, February 14-16, 2005 (MDRP) 187 KB



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