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Eligibility Criteria

The Multi-Country Demobilization and Reintegration Program (MDRP) for the Greater Great Lakes Region was designed to provide assistance for Demobilization and Reintegration (D&R) activities to the countries involved in or affected by the conflict in the DRC. To be eligible for this assistance, each country must be actively involved in the regional peace process (signatory to the applicable peace/ceasefire agreement(s) and must participate in the appropriate institutions set out in the agreement(s). Countries are also required to fulfill the following country level criteria:

1) Preparation of a national Demobilization and Reintegration Program as a result of the conflict(s). This is typically demonstrated by a coherent national program developed in consultation with national stakeholders and the international community. It could also be demonstrated by launching a credible program development process, with a clear roadmap and timetable in place.

2) Establishment of a suitable institutional structure. Governments establish flexible implementation arrangements with significant planning, coordination and monitoring capacity and with appropriate participation of relevant political and security stakeholders.

3) Formulation of a letter of demobilization policy. Governments prepare a letter of policy in which they outline their commitments to the regional peace process, demobilization and reintegration, and fiscal plans for social expenditure. The letter also expands on links with security sector reform (including plans for future military size and budget, military unification and restructuring where relevant), humanitarian activities and reconstruction/recovery efforts.

4) Establishment of appropriate safeguards and fiduciary measures. Governments provide assurances and monitoring measures to ensure consistency with environmental and social safeguards. In addition, governments must establish satisfactory financial management and procurement arrangements.

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